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Ericsson lança rádio para telemovel

Na conferencia de imprensa dos «MTV Europe Music Awards’» em Londres a Ericsson apresentou um pequeno radio FM que pode ser ligado aos telefones celulares Ericsson.

Na conferencia de imprensa dos «MTV Europe Music Awards’» em Londres a Ericsson apresentou um pequeno radio FM que pode ser ligado aos telefones celulares Ericsson. Qundo chega ou se pretende fazer uma chamada a emissão de rádio é interrompida e é possível falar através de um microfone incorporado no fio do rádio. Este acessório é o primeiro do género no mercado celular. O Ericsson HPR-08 vai estar disponível a partir de Dezembro. O HPR-08 é compatível com os seguintes modelos Ericsson: GF688, GF768, G788, GF788e, S868, SH888, World I888, A1018s/sc, A1028, R250s, T10s/sc e T18s/sc. De seguida está o comunicado oficial para imprensa da Ericsson: «Ericsson Press Releases Ericsson unveils plug-in FM radio for mobile phones at MTV press conference Date: Monday, October 4 1999 At the MTV Europe Music Awards’ press conference in London, Ericsson unveiled a small FM radio, which can be attached to a mobile phone. The new Ericsson HPR-08 lets you listen to FM radio through the earpieces between the calls. Incoming calls are channelled through both earpieces and the cord features a microphone to speak into. This innovative accessory is the first of its kind on the market. If you have ever been faced with the dilemma that you couldn’t decide whether to bring your mobile phone or your portable FM-radio, then you will cherish Ericsson’s latest offering, a plug-in FM radio for mobile phones. Sport events, music and news – now you can hear it all through the portable handsfree connected to your mobile phone. Just put the two earpieces in your ears, tune in the right channel and listen to music, news and sports. If you listen to the radio when you receive an incoming call, the sound from the radio will automatically be muted. “We recently announced the ChatboardT, a snap-on keyboard for mobile phones which lets consumers send SMS and e-mail messages, as well as editing a personal Internet page,” says Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Mobile Communications. “Both the ChatboardT and the plug-in FM radio are innovative accessories that support our vision that mobile phones can be used for a lot more than just talking.” Accessories for mobile phones have until now been chargers and the occasional portable handsfree. With the announcements of the ChatboardT, and now the plug-in FM radio HPR-08, Ericsson sets a new trend, where the accessory itself is a groovy gadget, which transforms the mobile phone into something else; a messaging device, or, as in this case, a portable FM radio. The Ericsson HPR-08 will be available starting in December. Today, there’s no other phone manufacturer that can offer a similar product. The HPR-08 is compatible with the following Ericsson GSM mobile phones: GF688, GF768, G788, GF788e, S868, SH888, I888 WORLD, A1018s/sc, A1028, R250s, T10s/sc, and T18s/sc. Ericsson is this year for the first time one of the sponsors of the MTV Europe Music Awards. Ericsson’s marketing activities surrounding the event will be in line with the Ericsson brand campaign entitled, ‘Make yourself heard’. Ericsson has always had the ambition to make it easier for people to communicate with each other. The parallel to MTV’s Europe Music Awards is obvious; music is about strong personal expressions and ‘Make yourself heard’ is about empowering the individual to express themselves. The ceremony will be held in Dublin on November 11th 1999 and broadcasted live on MTV Europe. A campaign site with competitions, a “Rock-o-phone”, web flyers and other related entertainment can be found on: Additional information about Ericsson mobile phones is available on the World Wide Web at Pictures of the new Ericsson Art-4 can be downloaded from: Ericsson is the leading provider in the new telecoms world, with communications solutions that combine telecom and datacom technologies with freedom of mobility for the user. With more than 100,000 employees in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies communications for its customers – network operators, service providers, enterprises and consumers – the world over.»